Surgical expertise provided covers a wide range of Breast, Endocrine, General and Endoscopic Surgery.

Referral Process

We request your General Practitioner or other Health Care Provider sends a referral letter, fax or email to us. Most insurance companies require a GP referral letter if costs are to be reimbursed to you. When we have received this our Practice Manager will contact you with an appointment time. All further necessary information will be included in your Appointment notice.

With your approval, your Referrer can also make an appointment on your behalf. Self referrals are rarely allowed, but may be accepted depending on circumstances.


For all enquiries and scheduling of Consultation appointments, please call our Practice Manager on 03 2140 317 during office hours. You may also click here to request an Appointment Online.

Waiting times for your Appointment will vary according to priority of clinical need, volume of referrals awaiting review, and available resources. 

Please ensure the contact details provided to us by yourself and your Health Care Provider are accurate and updated if required.

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