We request your General Practitioner or other Health Care Provider sends a referral letter (postal or fax) and/or an email to us. Most insurance companies require a GP referral letter if costs are to be reimbursed to you. When we have received this our Practice Manager will contact you with an appointment time. All further necessary information will be included in your Appointment Notice.

Your Referrer can also make an appointment on your behalf, perhaps over the phone at time of your consultation with your General Practitioner or Health Care Provider.

Self referrals are rarely allowed, but may be accepted depending on circumstances.

There is a Wilson Car Park diagonally opposite the Rooms on the corner of Deveron and Don Streets. Limited street parking is available along Don St.

Please bring with you a complete list of your current medications, copies of relevant past medical or surgical documents and investigation results, and any letters stating coverage of treatment costs from your Health Insurance Provider or from ACC.

You are welcome to bring a support person with you to your appointments. Additional support person(s) will aide the recall of information discussed with you by the Consultant and/or Practice Nurse.

Following your Specialist Consultation, and prior to your departure, you are required to discuss payment options with our Receptionist. You may pay by cash, cheque, Eftpos or Credit Card (VISA or MasterCard). American Express is not accepted currently. Accounts are expected to be paid in full within 21 days of the invoice date. If you are going on to have further surgical procedures the payment may be deferred until completion of these procedures. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have concerns regarding your account.

If your Consultation fee is covered by your Health Insurance provider, we request that you forward your invoice promptly to your Insurance Company. All liability for payment remains with the policy/account holder.

If your Surgery or Procedure is covered by ACC, your Specialist will seek approval for your procedure/surgery on your behalf. At your initial consultation you will need to provide your date of injury, Claim Number and your Case Manager details.

In circumstances where your treatment costs are only partially covered by ACC you will be required to pay the difference yourself. Your ACC surcharge can then be claimed back from your Health Insurance Provider.

You can send an e-mail message to [email protected] or phone us on 03 2140 317.

Please check with your insurers regarding your insurance cover prior to treatment. At the time of your Appointment your Specialist will provide you with an estimate of costs for the procedure or surgery you are to undergo. Initial Appointments usually charged between $185 - 250 (including GST). Follow-up Appointments are usually charged between $40 to 140 (including GST) depending on duration and complexity of Appointment.

If your treatment is covered by Health Insurance you will need to obtain a "prior approval number" from your Insurer. This enables the Insurance Company to pay their share of the account, instead of you paying and then having to claim a refund.

If you have Health Insurance with Southern Cross Health Society, you may access resources addressing claims and prior or pre-approval forms at www.southerncross.co.nz - "insurance links". Southern Cross Insurance Patients having Gastroscopy (Upper GI Endoscopy) or Colonoscopy (Lower GI Endoscopy), hernia, varicose veins, or gallbladder surgery are covered by an Affiliated Provider/Contract Service. We apply for the procedure for you. Other Health Insurance Provider's (e.g. Sovereign, Tower, Unimed, Accuro) also have forms available on their web-sites.

Please arrive 10 minutes early for your appointment for registration and to fill in a Health Questionnaire if required. You are advised to call the Rooms just prior to your Appointment time on the day to assess waiting time.

You will be seen by Consultant General Surgeon Mr Paul Samson and usually also his practice nurse. During the first Appointment a detailed History and Examination is likely to take place. This will be followed by a discussion of recommended investigations or treatment options. Initial Appointment is likely to be 20 - 40 minutes long.

During your Specialist Consultation you may receive an admission pack for Southern Cross Hospital. You will then be required to complete the Registration form, Pre-admission forms, patient Health Questionnaire, and an agreement to treatment and payment details. These need to be completed and returned to the Hospital in the self-addressed envelope provided, at least one week prior to your admission.

Follow-up Appointments after surgery or procedures are likely to be scheduled for a shorter duration than your initial Appointment.

Please notify us at your earliest opportunity regarding any inability to attend a scheduled appointment. This can be by phone or email to [email protected].

Our Clinic times are limited, hence please think carefully if you wish to reschedule. Failure to attend/Failure to notify us will result in a fee being charged.

Minor operations and procedures (for example skin lesion excision and office-based therapy for haemorrhoids) are undertaken in our Minor Theatre Room at Don Street Specialist Centre.

Major operations and endoscopic procedures take place at Southern Cross Hospital, 108 Deveron Street, Invercargill.

Disclaimer: Information provided on this website is educational and decisions regarding surgery and health care management must be made in consultation with your Health Care Provider or Specialist. External links on this website are to information created and maintained by other organizations, and thus are not guaranteed by Paul Samson Ltd to necessarily provide relevant, accurate or complete information for your needs. If you require more information please send us a message on [email protected]